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Corporate & Business Travel: Renting a Car VS. Reserving Car Service

Posted by Brittney Selig

Corporate Limousine Service
When booking travel for your business executives, keep in mind that it is actually more cost effective to reserve corporate limousine service than it is to rent a car. Here's why:


Time is money! The average business executive makes about $150k a year. That's $88/hr. When you send your executives to a new city, studies show they will spend at least 22 minutes per trip getting lost. Depending on how far away they are from the airport, they will spend about an hour an a half driving themselves to the airport. Plus the cost of the rental car, insurance, fuel, tolls and parking! That means if you are renting a car, you are actually spending around $250 for your executive to drive themselves to the airport.

Our average worldwide chauffeur airport transportation is less than $199. When you review the numbers, not only are you saving money by using a corporate limousine service, but you are giving back some of your busy executive's time. While traveling in any one of our immaculate fleet vehicles, they have time to: email, make phone calls, review data, any much more. They also don't have to stress about directions, where to park the car, when to leave, traffic, etc.

Next time you need car service for your business travel executives, think of All Transportation Network's corporate limousine services.  We have worldwide chauffeurs in over 650 cities around the globe.  Want to learn more about how we provide global chauffeur services? Click here.

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