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3 Must Read Tips for Stress Free Executive Travel

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executive travelWe've all been there... not knowing if our suit will still look pressed when we get off the plane, worrying about whether our corporate limousine service will be ready when we get to our next destination, and if we will be impacted by jet lag this time. But business travel does not have to be stressful travel. By following these 3 tips you can enjoy stress free executive travel every time.

1. Packing Tips

The night before your business travel (not the morning of your trip!), make sure you have a dark suit picked out. A dark suit will show less wear after a long flight, and will be less likely to pick up messes during your travel. Also keep in mind that a garment advertising to be "wrinkle resistant" does not mean wrinkle free, and you may still need to iron it when you arrive at your destination. Always keep a lint roller in your carry on, to take care of any lint you may pick up along the way. Check out this excellent light packing video tutorial here.

2. Book Global Limousine Service

The best and easiest way to begin your day of executive travel is to book best way to combat jet lag is to make a schedule incorporating all of your business and travel needs. Of course, this will always vary depending on the amount of time you are in the air, so there is no "one size fits all" advice. Make sure to have set periods of time aside for business related things such as verifying your power point is accurate, checking your emails, and making sure your team is on the same page. It is also very important for long flights to make sure you set a period of time to sleep and to follow through with it. Too many corporate travelers will skip sleep in favor of making sure their business needs are being met, but both are truly important especially when you are expected to perform soon after landing.


Executive travel does not have to be stressful travel! The best piece of advice is to plan ahead, and you can easily do so by making sure you follow the above tips. Soon, executive travel will be just like any other travel. Stress free, easy, and something you look forward to doing.

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Posted on Mar 17 2014

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