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3 Ways to Use NYC Car Service This Holiday Season

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Making the Season Bright with NYC Car Service

nyc car service, car service nycThe holiday season is a time of year that people everywhere look forward to, whether it’s the family togetherness, the presents, the delicious food, or even just the general atmosphere that the holidays provide. Being able to spend time with loved ones and enjoy delicious meals together is one reason that the holiday season is the favorite of many people far and wide.

Unfortunately, with all its perks, the season also has many drawbacks, especially if you’re celebrating in a big city. From traffic jams and difficult parking to battling huge crowds at malls and shopping centers, getting anything done out in the city can make many people simply want to hide.

So how do you relieve some of the holiday travel stress? We’ve compiled a list of ways to make your NYC holidays better this year.

Use Car Service for a Night Out—That Doesn’t Involve Shopping

Many people forget that the holidays don’t have to be all hustle and bustle; they’re also supposed to be about family time, relaxation and renewal. If you’re constantly moving from store to store, making plans for family dinners and stressing out about housing or visiting relatives, there’s little time left to simply enjoy the season.

We say that’s a shame, and so we propose taking a night off during the craziness to simply enjoy, in the company of your loved ones, a ride around NYC in a chauffeured car. A chauffeured car will relieve you of the stresses of driving and parking (a huge plus during the holidays) and will allow you to simply relax in the back seat, take in the lights and watch the beauty of the Big Apple during one of the best times of year.

Use Car Service for an Unconventional Outing

Everyone knows about using car service to go out to dinner and a Broadway show in NYC, and while that is a spectacularly fun date, the holidays can demand a little more for your free time than the old standards. Why not book a car to take you out for the best dessert in the city or for a cup of hot cocoa after ice skating at Bryant Park? Finding ways to mix up your holiday traditions will make your excursions into the city all the more memorable.

Use Car Service to Show Your Kids the City

One thing that many parents struggle with during the holidays is finding things to do with their children that they themselves also enjoy. When you’re already covered up in the stresses of shopping and entertaining guests, oftentimes the last thing you want to do is go to another lights show and drive slowly around loop after loop of lit up Santas and nativity scenes.

Finding more interesting ways to entertain your kids is an important part of keeping your sanity during the holidays and remembering to truly enjoy the season, rather than crumble under the excesses of planning and entertaining. Why not book a chauffeured car and take your children to the Holiday Train Show at New York’s Botanical Gardens, or to the Guggenheim to view the popular Peter and the Wolf exhibit? Making the most of your kids’ holiday season doesn’t mean you have to suffer through tons of traditional kid stuff; New York City is the place where kids and parents alike can enjoy a great holiday world.

Avoid the stress of driving this holiday season, and enjoy your holidays with a side of chauffeured car service. You’ll be glad you did. 


photo credit: Salon Nowojorski via photopin cc

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Posted on Oct 23 2013

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