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3 Important Elements of our Global Limousine Service

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There are many factors to consider throughout the operation of our global limousine service. Trained, defensive drivers, safety, and planning are three of the most important elements we focus on at All Transportation Network.


Trained, Defensive Drivers Make A Difference

Defensive driving is a core aspect of professionalism that comes with a global limousine service. There are plenty of people who can drive a client from point A to B, but unfortunately they just have a basic driver's license and no development of their driving skills. Defensive driving is an entirely different approach with the road that starts with situational awareness. Unlike the typical driver, a professionally trained chauffeur is constantly looking at and reassessing what is going on around the vehicle and the path of direction. That includes knowing what the alternative routes are for any given location, being ready to perform evasive driving that protects the client and removes the vehicle from immediate danger, and being prepared for the mistakes of other drivers.

Defensive driving development takes time to master. It involves classes re-teaching drivers how to actively driver a vehicle versus passive driving, which is what most people do every day. Our chauffeurs participate in on-going training through both theory of possible situations as well as real-time exercises on controlled grids and roadways to learn proper techniques of evasive driving.

Safety Is A Top Priority

Again, safety is a top priority for everyone at All Transportation Network. Our vehicles are on a rigorous maintenance schedule managed by our dedicated fleet department. Our scheduling team ensures our chauffeurs follow regular time off and normal sleep patterns so they have the proper rest and a nice work-life balance. Our defensive driving development also involves training our chauffeurs on how to handle emergency situations.

Planning Avoids Problems With Prevention

Planning is the key third component to provide excellent global limousine service. No trip is entered into with just a quick look at a phone app to see where the driver is going. Every trip for every client is planned, mapped and provided contingencies ahead of time to ensure that the client has the highest probability of safe and timely transportation. This type of planning is one of the reasons why, when faced with an obstacle, a professional chauffeur can adapt so quickly and find an alternative route.


So yes, there are plenty of other services who can provide basic driving. However, our global limousine service makes a big difference. 


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Posted on Feb 28 2017

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