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5 Packing Tips For Smooth Business Travel

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For as long as I can remember, business travel has always been a stressful part of my career as a business travel executive. Between packing my luggage, following airline guidelines to flying, and the commute to the airport itself, there are so many different aspects to plan out, leaving me with one huge headache. Thankfully, recently I stumbled upon some useful tips for business travel. These steps will help you dramatically when it comes to managing your business travel, so you don't have to worry. Now, you can enjoy the experience, instead of focusing on all the nitty gritty details.

Stay Packed

business travel executiveFirst off, keep your most essential items packed at all times. If you're someone like me who is constantly traveling for work, why not just leave all of your toiletries and charging cables for your electronics in one spot? I recommend just placing them in your travel bag. This way, when it is time to hit the road again, you're ready to go. Of course, don't use your best toiletries for business travel. Instead, use ones that are simply for traveling, so that you won't miss them when you are actually home. Remember, over time, you're going to have to replenish these materials as you continue to use them. However, this step will save you so much time and energy in the long run when you are preparing for business travel.

Bring Disposable Items

Then, I recommend bringing disposable items with you on your business travel. Why? Well, this will save you plenty of room later on. So many airline companies charge you extra fees when your luggage weighs too much. Why fret about getting rid of materials to meet the weight requirements when you can just bring items with you that you can throw away before you are off in the air again? Some of these disposable items include old t-shirts and socks, razors, shampoo bottles, and hairspray cans.

Leisure Clothes

Don't forget to pack some leisure clothes, as well as your business attire. It's so easy for us, when preparing for a business trip, to remember to pack suits, ties and blazers, but what about clothing to wear when you are off the clock? I suggest grabbing some sneakers and jeans to wear when you're lounging around your hotel room or scoping out the city you're staying in. That's because you want to be comfortable, and that's definitely the last thing you will feel when you're all made up in your work clothes.

Keep in mind, there's not a right or wrong way when it comes to packing up your bag for business travel. Some people feel very strongly that all of the items in their suitcase need to be rolled tightly, while others would much rather just fold each piece of clothing neatly. Here, pick whatever method works best for you. After all, you're the one who is looking at your suitcase and sorting through the items. This should be a personal choice.

Carry-On Only

business travel executiveMy last tip is to avoid checking bags. Trust me, this will save you so much valuable time. Instead, take advantage of the fact that you are allowed to bring carry-on bags onto your flight. With carry-on bags, you won't have to pay to check in your luggage, which will keep some extra cash in your pocket.  Plus, then you won't even have to deal with finding your luggage after your flight. Once you pull into the airport, you're set to head straight home, with your corporate limousine service of course.


Always remember, business travel doesn't have to be a crazy process that makes you go insane. Instead, with these easy tips in mind, it won't even be a second thought.

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Posted on Jun 17 2014

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