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5 Things You Need to Know as a New Business Travel Executive

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business travel executiveBusiness travel can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out in the world of executive travel. You're not sure where to go, or what to expect, and that's okay. If you are a new business travel executive, here are five things you need to know for a smooth trip: 

1. Purchase your plane tickets in advance

The sweet spot for great prices is at least 30 days early. If you aren't using a travel agency, I recommend purchasing your tickets online. Once you find the perfect flight itinerary for your trip, make sure you opt yes for travel insurance. Your schedule is always changing and you never know if you'll need to postpone your trip. Be sure to keep your email confirmation (I like to keep my travel information saved in its own folder in my inbox).

2. Book corporate limousine service

What's worse than waking up at 3:00 am to catch your flight? Driving yourself to the airport! Book tips for packing light, try to figure out what works for you. Whatever you decide, make sure you are only bringing a carry on. NEVER CHECK A BAG! After a year of business travel, you will end up spending over 100 hours dealing with checked bags! Also don't forget about packing your liquids separately, as that can be a big hassle dealing with TSA. You are only able to bring liquid in a 100 mL (or less) container. They must fit into a single, quart-sized, sealable, clear plastic bag. If you don’t follow this policy, agents will confiscate any liquid or gels. Your big presentation may not go very well without your deodorant!

5. Airport procedures

You should arrive an hour and a half early for a domestic flight and two and a half hours early for an international flight. When you first get to the airport you will need to check in at the airline desk. Make sure you have your photo ID ready. The agent will look up your flight and print your boarding passes. Next, you will go to security. At security you will be asked for your  photo ID and boarding pass so keep these handy. Once you’re at the screening machine remove your shoes and jacket and put them in a plastic bin. Then, when it’s your turn, walk through the metal detector. After, don’t forget to collect your items.

Right after security, go to your gate. Non only should you check your boarding pass for your gate number, you should also check the flight list screens in case of a gate change. Follow the signs to get to your gate and in no time you will be boarding. When the agents call your row you can start to board. Once you’re on the plane, find your seat and place your luggage in the overhead bin and any smaller bags under the seat.  

If you follow these steps I assure you, you will have a safe and relaxing travel experience.

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Posted on Apr 01 2014

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