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5 Tips to Pack Like a Pro this Holiday Season

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The #1 most important thing to remember when packing, is stay organized!

packing tipsHoliday travel can be stressful, especially when you are not an active traveler and have your family with you. It is very important to stay organized while you are packing. The last thing you need on your vacation is to get to the airport and not be able to find the iPad for your kids. Here are more helpful tips so you can stay organized this holiday season and make packing a whole lot easier:

2. Pick out your outfits for each day. Keep in mind that you will need more shirts than pants. Also make sure that when you pack your garments, you keep them in the same color family. After you've picked out all of your outfits, put half of them back! You want to make sure you're not over packing, and have just enough clothes for each day of your vacation. For example, if you are going on a New York City holiday tour vacation, and you plan on going shopping on 5th avenue, you will need to save extra room for your souvenirs.

3. Now that you have an appropriate amount of clothing, find your softer garments and roll them like a sleeping bag. Softer garments would consist of items like t-shirts, jeans, cotton pants, etc. Roll these tightly so they don't wrinkle! Then find your clothing items made out of stiff fabrics like wool. These fabrics tend to resist wrinkles and should be folded. Stiffer fabrics would be things like heavy sweaters, blazers, dress pants, etc. Then take everything and place in your suitcase.

4. The next items you'll need to pack are toiletries. Make a checklist so you don't forget anything. Also, if you are bringing liquids, make sure you keep them in a plastic bag so if they leak they won't spill all over your luggage! Here is a list to get you started of the most common toiletries that people tend to forget at home:

Hairbrush Toothbrush & toothpaste Razor Tweezers & nail clippers Deodorant Medicines Glasses & contacts Makeup Hair accessories 5. Now the most important things... whether you are traveling to the Bahamas or London, these are the absolute "must-haves" on every vacation: Electronics: cell phones, laptops, iPads, cameras and chargers Passports, IDs, cash, credit cards and tickets Headphones - Bose noise cancelling headphones are amazing Children (let's not have a repeat of Home Alone!) Next time you are traveling, you should also consider reserving your chauffeured airport limo service, to make your vacation much more enjoyable and stress-free. We hope these packing tips help make your traveling experience greater than ever.
Safe Travels & Happy Holidays!

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Posted on Dec 18 2013

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