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5 Business Travel Executive Tips To Help Make Your Trip Productive

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business travel executiveAre you a business travel executive who often takes trips outside of your home city? Then you know the gravity of your travel and want to make your future trips more productive and stress free. However, successful business travel can be illusive and sometimes difficult, but this doesn't mean that you let unknown circumstances determine the fate of your business.

Any business travel executive who makes frequent trips will tell you that executive travel is not all that pleasant as they thought it to be. Being caught in traffic, delayed flight, preparing for your meeting or presentation can make you dread planning your next trip. But expert advice will help you find ways to rid these feelings of your planned trip. Here are 5 business travel executive tips that can help you take control of your travel activities and turn stressful experiences into a big, positive, productive trip:

1. Pick your hotel carefully

Often an overlooked aspect during the business travel executive's pre-trip planning. By taking time picking out the perfect hotel for your stay, you will reduce your overall travel costs and the anxiety that goes with it. Conveniently located hotels with great accommodation service, ample dining space and better amenities such as Wi-Fi will make your trip productive.

2. Avoid last flights

You can't imagine that you will miss making your business presentation because your flight delayed or was cancelled at the last minute. If you have the last flight of the day, it means any delay or cancellation will affect the entire plan and you may end up losing a lot as well. Always check your airlines flight schedule, and make sure you choose an earlier flight rather than later in the day. If you are flying into a remote location, and there is only 1 flight per day, it's a good idea to fly out a day in advance, rather than risk missing your presentation.

3. Book corporate limousine service

Hiring a chauffeured corporate limousine service relieves all of the stress associated with driving through traffic and navigating your way through an unfamiliar city. You'll also have even more time to prepare for your meeting in the back seat of your car. Think about it. The average business travel executive spends about an hour driving from home to the airport, then another hour when they land at their destination airport to their hotel, then another hour figuring out the city and meeting locations, another hour back from their hotel to the airport, and another hour from their local airport back home! That's FIVE unproductive hours you could have used preparing for your big meeting or making those last minute changes to your presentation. Find a company who provides global limousine service and you're golden! You can leave the research up to your trusted limo company.

4. Choose hotels that can support your work

It is true that hotels are important for leisure activities, especially after a long day of meetings, but hotels are also essential places to facilitate your work. Access to fast internet service, ambient rooms, excellent air conditioning and comfortable furniture are important aspects for a business traveler looking to make his or her trip enjoyable and productive. Not all hotel facilities offer the same services, so wade through all the possible hotels around and make your choice before the actual day.

5. Carry only essential items

Knowing what is essential for your trip can significantly reduce the amount of things you'll need to take with you. This will also reduce the cost of your trip, as many airlines are beginning to charge for everything! Exercise and physical fitness can help you overcome the fatigue that comes with long travel trips. Carrying a few lightweight sneakers and workout clothes that take the least space in your luggage can go a long way in making your trip less stressful. To reduce the clutter in your bag and the weight of the luggage, wear the heaviest clothes that you are traveling with.

With these 5 business travel executive tips, you are certain that your business trip will never be as stressful as it has been in the past.


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Posted on May 06 2014

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