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5 Global Limousine Service Pricing Tips

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Global transportation services are utilized by corporate travelers now more than ever before. The popularity of services raises many questions, and pricing is one of them. What will global limousine service cost? What is included? What to expect? Here are some tips to shed some light on issues regarding global limousine services pricing:


1) Every company has a different pricing structure, along with additional charges and fees. IE off hours charge for early morning/late night pickups, or a meet and greet fee for meeting a passenger inside the airport, etc. Be sure to carefully review the quote and rate breakdown on your reservation so there are no surprises when you receive your final bill!

2) Usually, global limousine services offer two types of rates - flat or hourly rate. A flat rate is typically the standard price for a transfer from point A to B. An hourly rate is usually applied for a booking with multiple stops, or when the client prefers the chauffeur and vehicle to stay with them at their destination until they are ready to depart.

3) Sales representatives usually do not include the gratuity, tolls, taxes, and other additional fees during the quoting stage. When inquiring, be sure to find out whether these charges are included or not. Tax is usually 8 - 10%, and gratuity for your chauffeur is usually 15 - 20%. 

4) Suppose you have the rate estimated on your trip. However, extra charges still may be incurred. Here are a few items that may be billed in addition:

Wait time that exceeds a certain amount (usually after 15 minutes) Tolls Parking Car seats Cleaning or repair fees Additional stops

5) The price will also vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose. The most economical vehicle option will always be the sedan. If you require a larger vehicle, the price will usually increase as well.

We hope our tips on pricing will help you in making the right decision in favor of the best global limousine service option in terms of price and quality!

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Posted on Apr 19 2017

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