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5 Questions You Forgot To Ask While Researching Airport Limo Services

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Making the decision on which airport limo service company to book with can be tricky. Sometimes there's a bit of a "smoke and mirrors" show going on, pricing inconsistencies, and even dangerous business tactics that you don't realize until it's too late! Here are the 5 questions that you probably forgot to ask while you were researching global limousine service. The way this works is your company will contract your trip to their affiliate partner in whichever service area you are traveling in. While there are some companies out there who will try to make you believe they actually have offices and in-house chauffeurs in these remote locations, that usually is not true. But what you really want to know is how they are choosing these affiliate partners? What qualifies them to provide service for you? Are they just picking a company at random and hoping for the best or did they actually do the research and know the best service providers in the area?

5. What am I getting for my money?

While it should be the salesperson's responsibility to explain what type of service their company provides, you should also ask this question. What exactly am I getting for my money? Is a professional, knowledgeable, friendly chauffeur picking me up in a late model, clean, safe vehicle? Or am I getting someone comparable to that weird neighbor down the street in an old pickup truck? The pricing structure of your trips will be comparable to which level of service you've booked your airport limo service with.

Just keep in mind, there are so many different types of "corporate limousine services" with a wide range of prices and in turn, the customer service experience. I hope this article helps you in your search for finding the best airport limo service. Click on the image below to download your free guide on How to Choose the Perfect Chauffeured Transportation Company.


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Posted on Aug 26 2014

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