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5 Safety Tips for Celebrating New Year's Eve

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How will you spend the final hours and minutes of this year?


Watching the ball drop on TV from New York City? Cocktail party with your friends and family? Running around the streets of Las Vegas screaming "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!" at the top of your lungs? Any which way you celebrate the New Year, we hope these tips help you stay safe.

No Fireworks - Leave the light show to the professionals. Not only are fireworks extremely dangerous, they are also illegal. A great way to ruin your New Year's Eve celebration is to get arrested for illegal fireworks or blow off your finger and end up in the emergency room! There are plenty of parks that put on great shows for you to watch from a safe distance.

Bring Friends - Safety in numbers! Especially ladies, if you are going to a party, take some friends with you. Don't forget to charge your phones all the way (bring your charger with you too) and only carry what you'll need.

Pet Safety - Fireworks are extremely loud and scare pets easily (especially my dog!) Make sure you give your pets extra attention. My dog likes staying in the living room with calm music playing to help drown out the fireworks.

Drinking - Know your limit and don't set your drink down. Even when you go to the bathroom, take your drink with you. You may feel comfortable with the people around you, but you never know if someone is walking around spiking drinks.

Driving - Don't drink & drive! Even when you've only had a couple of drinks, don't do it! Make sure one of your friends is going to be the designated driver, or better yet hire a luxury limousine service to drive your group around for the night.

We hope everyone has an amazing and safe New Year's Eve!

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Posted on Dec 27 2013

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