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5 Simple Tips to Make Executive Travel Easier

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Nowadays, we are living in a connected world where travel and technology converge in spectacular ways in order to join people in a global network that continues to expand and evolve. Therefore, the old adage, "Time is money", is even truer in the business world today than ever before.

If today's corporate executive wants to remain successful, he or she must be able to stay on top of all work related functions, even between destinations. Following these 5 simple executive travel tips will make your experience stress-free and help save time and money.

1. Sign Up for Global Entry

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Control protection program that prequalifies certain individuals so that they are expedited through customs. No more long lines, just grab the luggage and go. By signing up for Global Entry you will save yourself hours and hours of waiting in customs on those international flights.

2. Stay Away From Direct Flights

When travelling for business, layovers can be a tremendous waste of time. In order to circumvent this issue, many will attempt to buy either a direct or a nonstop flight so that they can arrive at their destination sooner. However, although many people think that a nonstop and a direct flight are the same thing, they are VERY different. A direct flight doesn't mean that the plane will go directly to its destination but that instead, if it should stop, no one will be switching planes. This is still a massive waste of time and energy for a busy executive traveler.

corporate limousine service3. Tennis Anyone?

Tennis balls come in quite useful when travelling because they can be used as a quick massager. Simply roll the tennis ball under the feet or thighs to keep muscles from getting stiff. This method of massage is very practical for air travel and also quite relaxing. Let's just hope TSA doesn't ban tennis balls!

4. Charge It!

Be sure to charge all gadgets the night before travelling. Place them next to personal items like a wallet so that, in the morning, the charged devices can be added to the carry-ons and not accidently left behind. Don't forget to bring the chargers for your electronics as well.

5. Hire a Corporate Limousine Service

Corporate travel is often associated with traffic jams, late meetings, and expensive plane tickets. Over a consistent amount of time, travel can be quite a costly business expenditure. When utilizing a corporate limousine service during business travel, it can add that extra element that allows executives to travel in luxury, cut business travel expenses, save time, and grant the peace of mind necessary to function to the best of one's ability.

All Transportation Network has been providing corporate limousine service since 1988, and for the past 25 years we have strived to provide our clients with a stress-free, safe, comfortable and efficient business travel experience. Making sure that our clients receive the best service is of the utmost important to us, and we aim to provide them with the highest standards of professionalism, consistency and old fashioned customer service.

Following the above executive travel tips will ensure that time and money is spent in a more productive manner, and make your entire travel experience easier and stress-free.


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Posted on Apr 11 2014

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