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5 Technologies Everyone In The Global Limousine Industry Should Be Using

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Advanced technology is a necessity in the global limousine service industry, however many companies are still living in the past. Some even write down their reservations and dispatch off of pen and paper! In order to provide our clients with the best customer service experience and the most seamless communication, here are the 5 technologies everyone in the global limousine industry should be using:

technology.jpg 1) Automated Reminders and Alerts

A 24 hour reservation reminder email outlining the details of your upcoming reservation is critical. This communication saves our clients time by not having to call to reconfirm, and money in case they forgot to change or cancel the reservation as they usually have the ability to make these updates without penalty. 

Our software also automatically texts and/or emails our clients their chauffeur's name and cell number prior to their trip, and status updates when their chauffeur is on the way, arrived, customer in car, and dropped off. These alerts are completely customizable and can be sent to anyone they like. This is especially helpful for executive assistants who need to make sure their boss' local chauffeurs in New York, but to every provider in our network, including our international partners. So our dispatch team and clients always know when their chauffeur is on the way, arrived, customer in car and when the passenger has been dropped off, regardless of location. This seamless flow of communication gives everyone peace of mind knowing the trip is going according to plan. 

3) Real Time Online Reservations System

When our clients make a reservation with us either online or via our smart phone app, iLimo, this booking is automatically synced with our reservations software. There is no manual process of recreating the reservation, so we avoid all human errors. This integration also allows our customers to receive their reservation confirmation email as soon as they make the booking. This instantaneous confirmation saves our clients time by not having to worry about checking back in on their reservation to make sure all is set.

4) Automatic Flight Tracking Software

In the global limousine industry, the majority of our reservations are airport transfers. We have to be able to monitor inbound flight arrival times in case of early arrivals, delays and even flight cancellations. Our software is integrated with FlightAware, which automatically adjusts the reservation pickup time according to the actual flight status arrival time. This ensures our chauffeurs are always there when our client lands, whether they're early or delayed. 

5) Text Messaging

Honestly, it's 2017! If I can't text you, I probably don't want to communicate with you (I'm a biased millennial - I know). You can easily text All Transportation Network at our local number 845-565-2306 any time. 


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Posted on Jan 04 2017

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