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5 Tips on Traveling With Guitars

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Whether you're a budding musician or play guitar as a career, once you have the bug to play it's hard to leave it behind, even for a day.  So don't, figure out the best way for you to travel and play. 

1. Rentals

Check with the local music stores to find out their rental policy.  It's pretty standard to rent out concert band instruments, but some companies offer short term guitar rentals.  The downside is you are used to the feel of your instruments at home, but who knows, the rental might be just as sweet!


2. Buy an extra

If you've invested a signifigant amount of money in your axe, I suggest leaving it at home.  For seasonal travelers, leave the guitar at your destination.  Always remember that the environment must have humidity control.  


3. Travel Guitar

Travel guitars can be fantastic.  One of my favorites is the Washburn Rover, perfect price point and feel in my opinion.  The Martin Backpacker is also extremely popular.  Travel guitars come in a variety of styles.  Electric travelers often come with detachable parts for easy storage.  These mini instruments allow you practice while being a bit quieter.  


4.  Avoid Checking

There are countless horror stories about guitars being lost or snapped in half.  Avoid the worry by finding out your airlines policies concerning bringing the instrument on board with you.  Learn your rights!


5.  Flight Case

If you must travel with your guitar, always use a flight case.  Never lock the case!  TSA needs to have access to your case.  Some airlines require it, but it's always recommended.  


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Posted on Jun 23 2016

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