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Useful Travel Tips for Business Trips

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Here are a few travel tips and tricks to make your next business trip easier: 


1. Pack Light

It's very easy to over pack.  Try to minimize the amount of clothes you need by taking clothes that are neutral.  Pack dress shirts that are comfortable and iron-free.  Dress simple, leave excess accessories at home.

suitcase-918447_960_720.jpg 2. Use Flying Amenities 

First class and business class clients receive tons of amenities that makes travel more comfortable.  If you find yourself flying around the globe often, it's worth the extra cost.  While comfortable suits may not cure jet lag, they absolutely can help.  Not sure whether to go first or business class?  This short article breaks down the difference between the two classes.  

Credit: Delta Airlines

3. Always be Courteous

Being polite always goes a long way.  Greeting and acknowledging the staff's quality efforts go a long way.  Everyone from the flight attendant to the hotel concierge will appreciate your kindness.  The extra effort is helpful in case you end up needing assistance down the line.  People tend to go the extra mile for others who treat them right.  A smile goes a long way!


4. Manage Jet Lag

Many frequent travelers have found a way to deal with jet lag, but if you haven't yet figured out what works for you, check out Forbes' article on "Beating Jet Lag."  If you think sleep aids and cocktails are your remedy, I highly suggest checking out Forbes' article.  


5. Be Fully Charged

Charge all electronic devices before you take off.  A lot of devices have gone away from removable batteries.  A few companies are still offering the option.  This means you can carry extra batteries and charging ports.  Also, recharge yourself!  If you are a light sleeper, sleeping on the plane might not be an option.  A quality night of sleep is essential to be alert for your meeting.  



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Posted on Jun 04 2016

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