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5 Travel Tips For Planning a Stress-Free Beach Vacation

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Going on a beach vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but it can easily turn into a hassle.  Here are five tips on how to keep your vacation serene:


1. Pack Sunscreen

Beach trip 101: always pack sunscreen with at least SPF 30.  Make sure everyone is covered from head to toe (that includes ears and neck), even if it's cloudly.  Apply and reapply a every few hours!  If you still manage to get burned, check out the Skin Cancer Foundation's tips on treating a sunburn.  


2. Choose an All Inclusive Resort

Not sure exactly what to do on vacation?  Choose a resort that meets your family's needs.  For example, TradeWinds Island Grand Beach Resort, located in Clearwater, has activities each family member will love.  (You can even bring the dog!)  The on-site spa includes massage, facials, body scrubs, nail and hair services.  There are a lot of fun filled (and educational) activities for kids daily.  Water slides, sports and pools are also available within walking distance.  


3. Visit a Top Rated Beach

Florida's Clearwater Beach is rated number one in the US this year.  A stay at TradeWinds in Clearwater may just be the perfect recipe for a vacation, but in case your travels take you elsewhere, check out the top ten best beaches in America.  Spoiler alert:  you'll probably find yourself in Florida or Hawaii.  

4.  Plan for Weather 

There's nothing worse than a rained out beach trip.  Check local forecasts and water temperature patterns for your planned vacation (there's an app for that).  While some enjoy basking in the summer sun, others might prefer a less intense visit.  Either way, don't forget the sun screen!  


5.  Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water!  The summer heat is absolutely no joke.  Regular filtered water is great, but water with added electrolytes like, SmartWater, is even better.  Having a flavored sports drink isn't bad, but they often contain high amounts of sugar, so drink in moderation.  Sidenote: it's also important to eat healthy foods to prevent fatigue.  Here are some healthy snacks for kids on the go. 

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Posted on Jun 04 2016

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