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7 Packing Tips that Make Traveling Easier, Keep Leisure Travel Simple!

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Is packing your favorite part of travel?  Here are a few helpful tricks to make your travels simpler.  


1. Make a list

Lists help us keep on track on a daily basis.  Be like Santa: make a list and check it twice!  It's easy to forget an item or two without a system in place.  


2. Pack what you really need

Over packing comes natural to some of us.  Avoid bringing your entire wardrobe and the kitchen sink.  Bring the essential hygiene products, chargers and the right clothes.  




3. Chose Outfits carefully

Determine what clothes to bring by the versatility.  Pack pieces that can be dressed up or down.  When it comes to shoes, pack a pair that are comfortable and match your outfits.  Leave the heavy accessories and multiple pairs of shoes and sunglasses at home.  


4.  Carry On only

Save yourself a lot of aggravation by only bringing one bag.  It's not fun waiting for your luggage to circle in the baggage carousel. It's even worse to find out your bag has been misplaced.  Carry on bags can liberate you from headaches and extra expenses.  Your carry on may be included with no additional fee, check with your airline.   


5. Roll 'em up!

Forget the tradition of folding your clothes.  Tightly rolling your clothes can allow for at least double the amount of apparel that you can fit into one bag.  


6.  Bring Fun Size Items

Travel size hygienic items are not only cute but extremely convenient.  Due to safety concerns, large bottles of liquids and aerosols are no longer permitted on airplanes.  Unlucky, most of the large brands now make travel friendly products for short stays.  


7.  Bring a Book

Or a magazine.  A good book can help you relax on the plane or car ride to your destination.  Also, if you are traveling abroad, you may want to bring a book that helps you learn more about the cultures you are about to delve into.  A good book never hurt! 



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Posted on Jun 23 2016

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