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7 Tips for First Time Travelers

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First time traveling?  Travel smart and check out these tips.  




1. Choose Your Seat Wisely

This may be your first time traveling by air, but if you plan to make flying a habit, I suggest being particular about where you sit.  Know the difference between standard coach, economy plus, business class and first class.  You may find that the extra cost is worth it.  

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2.  Don't Miss Your Flight!

There won't be much traveling if you miss your plane.  Always check your flight time online to check for delays or any unforseen events.  Also, security lines can be a nightmare.  I always suggest checking the airports suggested early arrival time.  


3. Pack Light

Leave the kitchen sink at home.  Only bring necessary items.  It's easy to overpack by overthinking.  Keep in mind what activities you have ahead and choose clothes you can wash and reuse.  


4. Bring Tools

I'm not referring to screwdrivers and wrenches.  Bring tools to make your trip more comfortable.  We've all been on long car rides that cause a stiff neck.  Try to avoid this and bring a neck pillow.  If you are a light sleeper, you may also want to pack an eye mask.  Staying up?  Pack noise cancelling headphones so you block out excess headaches.  


  5.  Be Charged Up!

Board your plane with fully charged electronic devices.  If your device has a removable battery, you may even want to pack a spare.  Traveling internationally?  Make sure you purchase travel converter!  


6.  Do as the Romans

Be adventurous.  Eat, drink, and travel as the locals do.  Try new foods.  Traveling should be an adventure, take full advantage.  If you're a foodie, here are a few foods with traveling for


7.  Be Cautious 

Going outside of your comfort zone may be, well uncomfortable.  Always remain alert.  If you're traveling abroad it's important to complete the traveler's checklist.  Also, you can never be too prepared, so check out tips for roaming safely in a new country.  




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Posted on Jun 11 2016

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