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7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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 Here are a few travel tips to help your  immune system stay strong so you can truly enjoy your travel. 


1. Wash Your Hands

When we're on the road it's important to be super concerned with our hygiene. According to the CDC, Center for Disease Control, washing hands can "reduce respiratory illness, like colds, in the general population by 16-21%".


2. Say No to Tobacco

Smoking and chewing tobacco has poor effects on your immune system.  Everyday Health cites that it actually "raises the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia in everyone, and middle ear infections in kids."  



I don't mean take 'cat nap' on occasion.  A solid sleep schedule will make the world of difference in your daily functions.  You might not think you have the time to sleep, but your body will likely force you to do so if you don't act first.  Everyone deserves some rest.  The American Psychological Association has some startling facts about sleep disorders and deprivation.  


4.  See the Doctor Regularly 

The CDC recommends always visiting a travel medicine specialist before you travel abroad.  Book your appointment at least a month in advance and follow through with the doctors requests.  To find a private travel clinic contact the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.  


5.  Exercise

Having a consistent exercise regiment is essential to full body health.  Visit the hotel's gym or go for a nice stroll and get some vitamin D.  However you choose to stay active, have fun! 


6.  Dabble in Herbs, Oils, and Roots

Ginger is a super root.  Make a ginger tea or add a small piece to a smoothie (careful it's a strong flavor).  According to Dr. Oz, ginger can help reduce risk of infection.  The root will clean toxins in the lungs, sinus and digestive system.  In addition, Dr. Oz states that "oregano oil can help you improve your gut health and boost your immune system."  


7.  Drink in moderation 

Drink a lot more water than alcohol.  Large amounts of alcohol can damage your liver, thus your immune system will be much weaker.  







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Posted on Jun 24 2016

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