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I have to confesss that I rarely sit still. Well, that’s an understatement. I NEVER sit still, except to sleep occasionally. I have always been like this, ever since I was a kid.  That hyperactivity has been a blessing when it comes to business. After getting All Trans up and running successfully, I ventured out into other businesses and other industries. My appetite was constant as every minute I was hit with an idea to grow. This insatiable appetite led me to just recently opening a chain of pizza restaurants, the New York Pizza Company. Despite my eclectic taste in businesses, I can find a common denominator for why they are all, on different levels, successful. It’s service. Service is the key… and, just like the world, people’s needs change everyday. In order to be successful, you have got to not only keep up but be ahead of the curve. Whether you are making pizzas from scratch or orchestrating ground transportation for a group of 35 corporate travelers, you better know what people demand and expect… or you will be quickly closing your doors forever.

New ventures like running a successful pizza franchise has taught All Trans key points in customer service and brought new training elements that we have incorporated into our chauffeur training and amenities offerered. By looking into not only into my own personal businesses, but other service industries like  hotels and airlines, we believe that we are always ahead of the competition when it comes to a pleasurable experience when you ride with All Trans.

Try us out… you will not be disappointed.

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Posted on Feb 09 2012

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