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Best New York Hiking Trails Just North of the Hudson Valley

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Hiking is an amazing stress reliever and Summer in New York State is perfect for hiking with all of the diverse landscapes. Here are some of our favorite hiking trails, that are just north of our local Hudson Valley area. To give you a better idea of where they are, we'll give you travel time starting from the Newburgh Waterfront. They will be placed from easy to moderate to difficult. If hiking is new to you I wouldn't recommend trying the hardest one! Try by starting with the easy ones and work yourself up to the more challenging ones: 

Mount Jo, Lake Placid

mount jo

Mount Jo is located in North Elba, New York. Travel time from the Newburgh Waterfront is about 4 hours. It is a 2,876 foot mountain in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains. There are two trails that lead to its summit. This mountain is steep, but short compared to other mountains in the area. The actual hiking trail distance is 2.6 miles there and back.

Shelving Rock Mountain

shelving rock falls

Shelving Rock Mountain is in Fort Ann, New York. Travel time from the Newburgh Waterfront is about 3 hours. It is on the east side of Lake George. The distance of the mountain is 6.5 miles. On this hike you will get to pass by the gorgeous Shelving Rock Falls twice.

Street and Nye Mountains

Street and nye

This mountain is located in Shady Corner Curve, New York. Travel time from the Newburgh Waterfront is about 4 hours. The mountain's overall distance is 9.1 miles. This mountain might be a little confusing because it has two peaks so follow the GPS track. Both peaks have wooded summits and the hike is relatively straightforward. This hike is not too difficult, except for some blowdown near the top which you might run into.

Whiteface Mountain

whiteface mountain

Whiteface Mountain, in Lake Placid, New York is 12.0 miles long. Travel time from the Newburgh Waterfront is about 4 hours. This is one of the difficult mountains to hike. It will take about one day to complete. One of the cool things about this mountain is you can hike up the mountain and your family can drive up to meet you. There is a lot of scenery on this mountain and breath taking views. Once you arrive at the summit there is a building with historical information you can explore.

Mount Marcy

mount marcy

Mount Marcy is a total of 18.0 miles which will take a full day. Mount Marcy is located in the Town of Keene in Keene in Essex County. Travel time from the Newburgh Waterfront is about 4 hours. Mount Marcy is also the highest point in New York State. It has an elevation of 5,343 feet or 1,629 meters. Mount Marcy is named after the 19th-century Governor of New York.

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Posted on Jul 01 2014

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