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Business Travel Executive Tips for a Successful Trip

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business travel executiveAlmost everyone likes to travel and I am definitely not excluded from that group. I've been traveling since I was a kid and have enjoyed every trip I've gone on. From family vacations to weekend getaways... there's always something exciting that happens or something that makes the trip memorable. But one type of trip that wasn't at the top of my favorites list was a business trip. Well, that was before I figured out how to have a successful business trip.

Many of us have to go on the occasional business trip (some of us much more than others) but let's face it, it's a part of the job. Why not learn how to enjoy your time away and create a successful business travel experience?

Planning Your Packing

business travel executiveDoes your bag often look like this? Before you start throwing things into your luggage, plan your packing wisely! One of the first things I look at when I'm preparing myself for a business trip is how long I'm expected to be gone. The length of the trip will determine how much clothes I will need to pack.

The other point I like to look at is exactly where I'll be wearing these clothes. Will I constantly be in meetings and need to have professional attire or will there be some down time where I might want to go for a more casual look? Once I know what the itinerary is going to be then I will go forward with packing. On business trips I try to pack as light as possible and just bring carry-on luggage, this saves a tremendous amount of time not checking luggage and waiting around baggage claim.


Once I know what I'm taking, I then look at how I'm going to get to my destination. Depending how far it is from where I am is the determining factor of how I'm going to get there. Utilizing a our chauffeurs also take advantage of!

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Posted on Jun 03 2014

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