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Business Travel Tip # 1 - Sign up for Flight Status Updates

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Have your airline proactively keep you updated on your flight for any delays or cancellations.

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In my opinion, there is nothing worse about corporate travel than driving 2 hours to the airport (in the pouring rain with massive traffic jams) just to find out your flight has been CANCELLED! This predicament can be completely avoided by following our Business Travel Tip # 1 - Sign up for your departing flight status updates. Here's how:

On your computer or smart phone visit your airline's website. You are looking for the page that says "flight status" or something to that effect. Once you find the flight status page, find the link that reads "flight status notification" or "flight status updates" or "create notification." Every major airline will have this amazing feature available for you. Just follow the simple instructions to customize your alerts. You can have notifications for your departure and arrival, and have them sent to you by text, email and even voice messages. To make your life even easier, here's a list to some popular airline's direct links to their flight status notification pages. Just click on the links below: Alaska Air American Airlines Delta Airlines JetBlue Airways Southwest Airlines United Airlines US Airways By knowing if your flight is delayed or cancelled ahead of time can save you hours! We hope this business travel tip helps keep you and your executives productive, as well as save your company more time and money.

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Posted on Jan 10 2014

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