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Business Travel Tip # 6 - Pack Light and Only Bring a Carry On

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travel tipsPacking light for business travel is not only convenient, it is a necessity! How are you going to run around to your meetings and conferences carrying 3 huge suitcases, carry on bags, briefcase and laptop? While I'm sure we would all love to pack up our whole world and bring with us on every business trip, that's just not practical.

Even for an experienced business traveler, packing light is not easy. I constantly find myself thinking about packing those extra shirts that I swear I'll wear but never do. Oh and what about those fancy new shoes I just bought, can't go anywhere without them! But then I remind myself, just because I don't feel like wearing my work suit the entire trip, doesn't mean I should pack everything. Just stick to the basics and try to pack as light as possible.

When you have mastered the art of packing light for your business travel, you should attempt traveling with only a carry on bag. The money and time you'll save by eliminating checked bags from your trips will add up immediately. Now that I've learned how to pack light and keep my luggage organized, I've never gone back to checking bags.

I recently found an amazing resource for learning how to pack your luggage the most efficient way: PackingLightDotCom videos on YouTube. My favorite tutorial is the one starring John Holloway of PackingLight.com giving a demo of 

How to Pack a Carry On Bag for Months of Travel:

I highly recommend taking the time to watch this 8 minute video for a unique style of packing light in just a carry on bag. I've used this packing technique a few times and am still loving it!

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Posted on Mar 04 2014

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