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Escape NYC and Visit the Beautiful Hudson Valley Wineries

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New York state has a lot to offer, from the infamous city to cultured countryside. One region stands out among the others as a utopia, the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley wineries are among the nation's oldest and richest, and the region itself has been an epicenter of wine craft for generations. Many towns have undertaken an initiative to protect the authenticity and cultured feel of the region as well as its most precious gems, the wineries.

hudson valley wineriesDuring your stay there are many wine tasting tours or wine trails available which offer a deep and rich experience complimenting the history of the region. There is a wealth of variety from which to choose. European varieties, delicious Fruit wines and a large selection of Regional Hybrids are available to offer the perfect glass at the evening meal and showcase the true beauty of a finely crafted wine. Often times during tours or tastings the makers of award winning wines are available and ready to answer questions, this offers an even more in depth experience as some of the crafters you can meet are legends in the arena of wine craft and taste. You may even get lucky enough to meet world-renowned Winemaster, Hudson Valley wine tours are available making it possible to go on safe, fantastic tasting tours of the whole countryside. By the end of your stay, saying farewell to this wonderful countryside will be just as difficult as coming back will be easy.

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Posted on Aug 27 2014

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