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Whoever says traveling is fun is lying. No, really. Sure, it can be fun once you arrive at your destination. But anyone who has recently taken a flight or waited for a train knows the truth: it’s usually a nightmare to get from one place to another. The other day I stumbled across an article on the USA Today website that basically stated the exact same thing. If you were to take the temperature of travelers, it would be off the charts hot. There are many reasons for this, but here a few key excepts that highlight a few of the main points:

Top 10 pet peeves of frequent business travelers  

• Loud cellphone conversations 
• People who disobey the rules and try to carry on too many bags or carry too much liquid through security.
• People who play music so loudly, even with earplugs or headphones, that others can hear it. 
• Disrespect that passengers show to flight attendants and gate personnel
• Parents who don’t try to control their children
• People who think the “turn-off-all-electronics” message is not for them.
• Passengers who carry on and eat messy or smelly food
• People who board with multiple or oversize bags and fill the bins in the front of the cabin  when they’re seated in the rear.
• Reclining a seat in a tight coach cabin.
• Leaving a window shade open when everyone else has closed theirs and is trying to sleep. 

Click here to read the article in full.

As you can see, it isn’t fun to travel with other travelers… especially if you don’t know them ( or if you do know them, in some cases!).  That’s why people always say “getting there is half the problem”. Well, with All Trans, there is no problem. We have solved the traveling equation and provide a unique executive transportation experience. Our success  is build around a technique that has been effective for over  twenty years, an intelligent, innovative idea we call “The Better Travel Experience.” So, why did we call this idea “The Better Travel Experience”, you might ask? Well, when we began operating back in 1988, the genesis of our passion was to build and execute the most successful model of ground transportation for the business traveler.

All Transportation Network is the better travel experience for executie transportation through three important yet overlooked concepts: 1) guaranteed consistency, 2) complete travel management technology, and 3) old-fashioned customer service.

Our consistency of service takes the worry out of your travel, giving you more time to focus on what drives your success. We are what drives you.

Do the smart thing and book a ride at All Trans – the Better Travel Experience.

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Posted on Feb 09 2012

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