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Guest Post: Fun Activities In Vegas For Business Travel Executives

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Traveling is a part of business these days, especially at the executive level. You're always on the go, from meetings, to opening new branches, or just checking in on your employees, there's always a reason for you to hit the road. When you find yourself on the move you're bound to wonder what other things you can get yourself into in the surrounding areas. Depending on where you're being shipped off to, you may have varying opportunities of locales to visit between your daily business duties. There's one place that seems to court Las Vegas, Nevada. Now you're probably telling yourself that there's really only one thing to do in Las Vegas, ok make that two, but in all honesty you would be wrong in that assertion! While the world famous Strip may not be the most family friendly place on the planet, it's certainly a huge attraction for executives.

Red Rock Canyon

business travel executiveOne of the more interesting things to do in the Vegas area is to check out some of the wildlife and the majestic scenery. I know, I know, you're thinking there's no majestic scenery in the middle of a desert, but I would suggest you think again. If you take a trip just shy of twenty miles off the Vegas Strip you'll find the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. With the beautiful rock formations and the native wildlife found here, if there's even a slight nature fan inside you then you're going to love a visit to Red Rock. Hiking is a great way to survey the area, it allows you to take in what around you and just make yourself feel at one with nature. That's not the only thing you can do in Red Rock though, anything from horseback riding to biking. You could also hit up a bit more extreme types of recreational activities, if you're into guns you can hit up their shooting range, or for a more strenuous workout they offer rock climbing. With the beauty of nature all around you, how could you not enjoy every moment available to you on a trip to Red Rock? Just be careful not to get too hooked in, you might miss that three o'clock meeting.

Music & Shows

business travel executiveAnother wonderful option for entertaining yourself in Vegas, one that keeps you closer to your likely conference halls, is to seek out music and take in a couple shows. Who wouldn't love to get the opportunity say they've seen Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton? That's something I'm actually hoping to check off my list before he finally hangs it up. There's also the likes of Celine, Shania, and later this year KISS, you've got a ton of musical opportunities presented to you on your next visit. If you're looking for a newer act there's a great one available at the Excalibur lounge, the Vegas all girl rock band, Dollface. These girls put on an amazing show and you will not be disappointed if you find yourself in the crowd for one of their shows. Having seen the original version of the band live when it started out in Florida, I can speak from experience, Tiffany Martin has surrounded herself by some amazing musicians, in a few years you may be able to say you were in the crowd for one of the early shows for the new Ms. Vegas.

In a city that's built on gambling you've got other options away from the slots, right?

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Posted on Jul 31 2014

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