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Hold the Perfect Hudson Valley Corporate Retreat This Fall

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Planning a Corporate Retreat? Consider Car Service to Mohonk Mountain

Mohawk MountainIf you ask any number of busy professionals how they feel about the idea of a corporate retreat, you’re likely to hear a large, collective grown, and it’s easy to see why: Corporate retreats have earned the dubious honor of being one of the most ineffectual, boring,  and miserable experiences for team members at a company, whether it’s just bad planning or bad material that makes up the itinerary.

But you can’t deny the benefits that a great corporate retreat would offer your company, from unifying your team to encouraging an educational boom on the newest products, services, and practices in the world of business.

So how do you plan the kind of retreat that employees enjoy, yet also find beneficial enough to sacrifice an entire weekend? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get started.

Provide Transportation

Something your employees might not get to enjoy very often is the luxury of being driven around in a pristine vehicle. Begin their weekend right by booking a fleet of limousines to pick them up, whether it’s at the airport or at their hotel. Let them enjoy their commutes on their own terms for once, without the stresses of driving, navigating, or parking to distract them.

Another reason to book car service for your employees’ trip to the retreat? The scenery, of course. The Hudson River Valley is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country, especially during the fall. Chances are your employees have had few opportunities to really gaze in wonder at the autumn foliage that characterizes the hillsides and natural landscapes; by booking chauffeured car service for them, they’ll get to enjoy their commutes and the autumn beauty of the Hudson River Valley completely uninterrupted.

Know Your Employees, Build a Better Retreat

One of the common missteps that occur when executives are working to plan a corporate retreat for their company is a lack of knowledge about the employees who keep the business running in the day to day. Trying to build an effective corporate retreat for complete strangers is a nearly impossible task. This is exactly why you must know what your employees are interested in and what challenges they face in their jobs.

Book relevant guest speakers so you don’t bring someone in who will bore your group. Know what challenges they find most distracting in the workplace and what new technologies they’re most passionate about integrating into their workflows. Find entertainment that applies to the personalities and dynamics of your employees; if your company consists mostly of 20-somethings, a Jimmy Buffet cover band might not be the most pertinent path to take. Consider doing research on the type of energy and atmosphere in which your employees could flourish. A quiet coffeehouse setting with unlimited dark roast and delicious pastries might be absolute heaven for one company, while a zip-lining extravaganza at an outdoor park could be perfection for another. Consider the wealth of opportunities for a fantastic retreat that exist in the Hudson Valley area alone. Mohonk Mountain House, for example, offers those planning corporate retreats the opportunity to immerse their employees in the beautiful natural landscapes of New York, whether it’s for skiing, sightseeing or simply enjoying the getaway. Planning the right kind of corporate retreat is all about knowing your group, being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and planning effectively for all three.

The corporate retreat can serve a great benefit in your company if the right amount of research and planning is done before the invitations are sent out. The first step to a successful company event of any kind is to provide chauffeured transportation  for the group members; this will alleviate the stresses of driving and let them focus their energy on more important issues. The next step is to gather all the information you can about what your company needs, whether it is team-building, communication, or a healthier work environment. After you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can plan an incredible weekend full of learning, laughter, and improved company morale.

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Posted on Jul 29 2013

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