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How to Beat Holiday Traffic into NYC

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Get Around the Congestion This Year

holiday-trafficNew York City at Christmastime is one of the most popular destinations for families, couples and friends, especially ones looking to experience the magic of the legendary NYC holiday season. While it is true that Christmastime in New York is an un-missable experience for holiday enthusiasts, the city offers plenty of deterrents to really enjoying that once-a-year holiday extravaganza. Chief among those deterrents would have to be the headache-inducing traffic.

Especially if you aren’t familiar with the city’s streets and patterns of traffic throughout the day, your holiday excursion can turn into a stress-filled nightmare that not even the beautiful Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center can alleviate. Here are a few ideas for beating NYC traffic this holiday season.

Book a Chauffeured Car

Many people don’t realize this, but driving themselves into NYC during the holidays is among the worst choices they could make. Whether you rent a car or take your own, there is bound to be confusion and frustration trying to make your way to popular tourist points in downtown NYC. This is not even mentioning the frustration that can surround trying to find somewhere to park that won’t leave you constantly checking your watch throughout your time at your destination.

A reputable NYC car service will relieve all of your issues with driving, navigating and parking while you enjoy the holiday festivities in the city. Your chauffeur will be a local expert who knows exactly how to get to the important spots in the city with little to no sweat, and he’ll also be able to offer advice on great places to go afterwards, whether it’s a great diner for hot cocoa or a delicious piece of pie.

Choose Unorthodox Times to Go

One thing that many holiday enthusiasts don’t consider is that going into the city during peak times can drastically increase the odds of stress via congested traffic and too many people to really enjoy your experience. Going on an early Friday or Saturday evening is going to pose far more obstacles that going on a weekday night or morning. Sunday morning might also be less populated. Thinking about the times when the areas you want to visit will be most crowded and then finding other times to visit is an easy way to by-pass some of the congestion and have a better time.

Book a Room

If might be more in the way of money to book a hotel room, but having a room already in the heart of NYC with parking for your vehicle if you wanted to drive yourself is absolutely a way to cut back on the issue of traffic and congestion. If you booked a hotel room close to the things you wanted to see, you could easily walk there and back, granted that you’ve packed earmuffs and a heavy enough coat. One of the joys of New York City at Christmastime is the magic of the decorations, lights and general atmosphere. A brisk walk a few blocks across town at dusk might just be everything you were hoping for when you planned your holiday trip, anyway.

New York City during the holidays is a place of splendor and magic; don’t miss out because of the congested traffic or confusing parking rules. Book a chauffeured car to get you there or find a hotel room close to your destination. Never let a little traffic deter you from enjoying one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. 


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Posted on Nov 04 2013

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