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How to Plan for Your Boss’s Holiday Travel

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A Travel Manager's Guide to Booking During The Holidays

Holiday Travel Plane Ticket

As we head into the holiday season there will be more and more people traveling. While this is great for both the economy and the travel industries, it is one of the most dreaded times of year for the frequent traveler. The problem is compounded by inclement weather and other unforeseen delays.  Here are a few tips to help your traveling team get through this year’s holidays with as few problems as possible:

Flights book up very quickly this time of year, so book as far in advance as possible. While this suggestion is great in theory, we all know that, in business, you need to be flexible. If there is ever a time in the year to pay the extra to get changeable tickets this is it. Airlines don’t always make this apparent, but they take care of their full fare ticket holders first. After all, these are the travelers who are less concerned with the price and more concerned with flexibility and expediency. If the airlines could, they would fill their flights with these travelers all the time. The problem is that, without tourist travelers, very few flights would be full.

While smaller airports are attractive and a great way to avoid some of the crowds, be warned that, many times, they are not nearly as well equipped to handle severe weather. Many of these small airports will close long before the major hubs do. Additionally, if you are making connections, a major hub is always your best choice, as they will have the most options. 

It is always good practice for your boss to take only carry-ons if at all possible. With flight delays, flight cancellations, re-routings, and potentially having to stay overnight at an unfamiliar airport or city, it is always good to have your belongings on hand. As an alternative, you can send their bags separately ahead of time to make sure that they at least have their gear when they arrive at their destination. If your boss is taking gifts to your clients for the holidays, it is always best to ship these wrapped in advance. Going through security in a post-9/11 world, it is far too difficult to drag the gifts along with you.

Make sure begin tracking the weather a full week prior to the trip. Don’t just track the start and end point – make sure to keep an eye on the flight path and any stops along the way just in case. Many major airport hubs are located in areas where the weather is unpredictable. Should inclement weather present potential delays or cancellations, it might make sense to change the routing, which is not a problem with the flexible tickets. Likewise, make sure you check on the weather as the trip progresses in case something new pops up. Especially as the holidays close in on us, the last thing that you want to have happen is for a boss or team member to spend the holidays in an airport.

Even with all of the technology that is out there, driving in an unfamiliar city can be a stressful situation. Add to that weather challenges, and it can be downright dangerous. Using a car service allows you to entrust your team to the experts who know the city and who are used to driving a particular vehicle in the local weather conditions. Additionally, they have the tribal knowledge of how to get around incidents expediently. The best advantage to this option is that your boss will not only arrive safely, but they will have a good opportunity to relax and complete any work that must be done on the way to their final destination.

Hotels fill up very quickly this time of year, especially in holiday hotspots like New York City. So again, the earlier you can book the better. Since most hotels have a liberal cancellation policy, it is best to book ahead of time and then cancel closer to the trip, if necessary. This time of year it is more important than ever to book your boss as close as possible to their meeting locations. The last thing you want to do is to set them up for failure by having them be late for a meeting. If you can’t get them close, car service again is a great idea to make sure that they are on time. Are you in charge of booking transportation for your company?

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Posted on Oct 31 2013

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