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How to Plan the Best Business Travel Experience

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business travelAnytime you are traveling, it is important to plan ahead for things you will require during that specific trip in order to have the best business travel experience. For example, you will need to pack different items for a trip to DisneyWorld with the family VS your business trip to London. I have traveled to many places worldwide so I have a few business travel tips for those looking for advice:


I highly recommend that before you start anything, first have a plan. Before I even start packing, I write down all of the things I will require. I do not want to inquire the cost of buying more in a foreign country, so I make sure I remember. If I am bringing two bags, I make a list for what I will be packing in each bag.


Packing is a crucial stage of planning your trip. As a new business traveler, you may find yourself doing a lot of packing, and then unpacking. This is normal since you are excited about the trip. My advice is that you pack what you need, and not in excess. Pack what you can easily carry. Most people can manage to carry at least two bags. However, remember it is important to pack at least one outfit, passports, tickets, electronics and valuables in a smaller bag that you will carry with you at all times. So even if you lost your luggage, you would still be okay. Separate items that can leak and put them in a plastic bag.

Mobility from one location to the other

For your business travel, it is important to plan on how you will get around. When I am traveling, I always reserve global limousine service for my transportation needs. Choose a company that specializes in corporate travel, and can provide service for you wherever you go. Global limousine service completes the perfect business travel package for anyone traveling all over the world. Why add more stress to the beginning of your business trip by driving yourself through the traffic to the airport, when you can relax and enjoy stress-free chauffeured transportation?

Charge everything the night before

It can be very disappointing if your phone or laptop dies on the plane and you need to use it when you land. The night before, I always charge everything I need for my trip (including my camera). Who doesn't feel better with fully charged devices?

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Posted on Mar 10 2014

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