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London Travel Tips: Best Dessert Stops

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Indulging in London’s Finest Sweet Treats

London travel tipsIn a city like London, England, finding things to do is as easy as stepping outside your hotel door. From main attractions, historical landmarks, and cultural events, there is always something to see and new discoveries to be made.

Maybe the culinary side of London isn’t something you’ve experienced in detail, and a perfect day trip or evening out would involve trying some of London’s best food. But why not take your agenda for the evening a step further and plan your meal around experiencing some of London’s best dessert stops? In a city as large and dynamic as London, there are plenty of places to get the perfect sweet treat after a hearty meal. London even specializes in a variety of cake and dessert bars. The first step to perfecting this delectable night out is booking your London car service vehicle so you know you don’t have to worry about driving. With your Chauffeur at the wheel, your only concern is finding the best dessert bar to satisfy your sweet tooth. Below is a list of our favorites.

Pollen Street Social Dessert Bar

If you’re looking for a vibrant social scene diverse with patrons, the Pollen Street Social Dessert Bar is the perfect stop on your night out. Pollen Street prides itself on being fashionable, contemporary and upscale, yet also accessible. Despite the restaurant’s sophisticated vibe, patrons can still find the utmost in delectable treats on their dessert menu, from the variety of sorbets, ice creams, and parfaits to the chocolate delights like ganache with banana ice cream. They also offer dishes like the chocolate coral and the apple caramel “puff.”

Lily Vanilli Bakery

This bakery right off of Columbia Street in London offers patrons a variety of positively sinful cake creations, pastries, and tarts, all with a special Lily Vanilli touch that you won’t find at other bakeries. Lily’s baked creations feature seasonal ingredients as well so no matter what time of year you go, you can expect to find a smorgasbord of seasonally themed sweet treats. The shop also offers a variety of hot beverages so you can enjoy your pastry and a hot beverage to boot.

Cake Boy

As this South West London dessert stop’s tagline reads, “Indulgence is the name of the game.” And indulge you will. Anyone who has the slightest flirtation with cake will find themselves positively floored by the sheer volume of sweet treats in this shop, all immaculately decorated and made with only the finest ingredients. From tarts of many fruit flavors, pastries with delectable toppings, or the myriad of incredible cakes baked fresh each day, your visit to Cake Boy will likely not be your last.

Bea’s of Bloomsbury

This delicious pastry shop has four locations around London, including stops in Bloomsbury (of course), St. Paul’s, Maltby Street, and Farringdon. The shop offers afternoon tea with a variety of pastries made by top chefs with recipes that will make even the most lukewarm sweet tooth go crazy. With a daily changing lunch menu, incredible coffee, and an atmosphere that just begs for a gathering of old friends, Bea’s is a place that you can frequent time and again.

Finding incredible new restaurants in London takes just a little research and of course, a trusty car service to make sure you don’t have to worry over driving once the plates are clean. But if you’ve never considered making one of London’s many stellar dessert stops part of your evening agenda, we hope our list has given you plenty to look out for on your next night (or afternoon, or morning) out.




photo credit: chotda via photopin cc

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Posted on Aug 07 2013

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