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Many Companies Feeling the Heat this Summer

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Since it’s August 1st, I figured it was the perfect time to talk about what the Summer means to me before the weather starts to change and the days start getting shorter. As many of you who live in the Northeast (and all of the country affected by the latest heatwave) know all too well, the extreme heat makes it difficult to pull off looking professional. There is nothing worse than walking into an important meeting and dripping in sweat after a short trip through traffic. As confident as you feel about your company, just feeling uncomfortable about how you feel can through you off your game  just enough that it affects the overall outcome. It shouldn’t, but it does… and that is the reality. In this “dog eat dog’ business world, the subtle differences can separate one company from another. No one needs to be reminded about how the overall economy is doing, but spending your money wisely is a true sign of a successful business. Some luxuries are worth having.

That is why we at All Transportation make sure we don’t miss any of the details that make your experience in one of our vehicles the best experience you can have while traveling.

At All Trans, we make your airport transfer and driving seamless—whether you require standard service or a special “meet & greet.” We utilize up-to-the-minute flight tracking technology to ensure your chauffeur is always on time for you. Combining functionality and ease-of-use, our state-of-the-art website (www.alltrans.net) has evolved into the
ultimate booking and account management tool for corporations.

We also promise a cool, relaxing environment to help you prepare for your business meeting… refreshed and ready to deliver the confident sales pitch after a satisfying ride. Call us now and take the heat off you and your company.

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Posted on Feb 09 2012

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