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Must Read Tips For International Business Travel

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international business travelSo international business travel is becoming a normal part of your life, but not very fun? For a successful and pleasant experience, there are several things you must consider before your next business trip overseas.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Preparation is important when going away on business because getting on a plane or entering a country will be challenging if you don’t have certain items. A personal assistant, however, can delegate most of these tasks, but you should still double check everything in advance. Do you have your tips for preventing jetlag.

international business travelCustoms And Culture

Doing your homework on customs and culture is important because social interaction with locals will help you develop business. Study how to shake hands with locals and how to present gifts to potential clients. Here are some great tips from gCaptain.

Water And Food

You should only dine at restaurants that are recommended by your colleagues. Also, ensure that the tap water is drinkable; if the water is not drinkable, don't forget to use bottled water when you brush your teeth!

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Posted on Aug 21 2014

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