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New York vs California: An Orange County Showdown

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Battle of the Coasts:  What Do You Know about These Famous Cities?

limo service orange countyAmerica is a land of many beautiful and breathtaking sights, sounds and experiences. We have rolling hills, towering mountains, gorgeous coasts and a whole variety of people in every setting. Something else you might not know is that we often have cities with duplicate names on either side of the country; for instance, Orange County, California and Orange County, New York. But when it comes to similarities between these American hotspots, their name is the first and last item on the list. If you, like us, were wondering what exactly these two American destinations are all about, keep reading. We’ve got the lowdown on New York and California’s Orange Counties.

Orange County, New York

With a population just under 400,000, Orange County, New York consists largely of Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Middletown, and occupies the mid-Hudson region of the beautiful Hudson River Valley. With famous historical and contemporary residents like the Washingtons (George and Denzel, of course) and enough natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes to keep a nature-lover occupied for years, it’s no surprise that Orange County is such a favorite for locals and visitors to the New York area.

In addition to occupying a satisfying stretch of the Hudson River Valley, Orange County also borders the Delaware River. The Appalachian Mountains end at the Great Valley in Orange County and offers visitors and residents the kind of breathtaking mountain vistas that are often only associated with Colorado or east Tennessee.

If you’re looking to visit Orange County, New York and are wondering where you might find the best grub in the County, consider stopping in at Gigi’s Folderol Restaurant in Westtown or the renowned Nina Restaurant on Main Street in Middletown.

If you’re looking for great activities in Orange County, New York, consider stopping in at the historic Crawford House or the beautiful Perkins Memorial Tower.

Orange County, California

One the other side of the country lays another beautiful County called Orange, and it belongs to the Golden State. Orange County, California is a much bigger region than Orange County, New York; it’s population at the 2010 Census was over 3,000,000. Orange County is an affluent, beautiful place that borders the Pacific Ocean and boasts such world-famous cities as Anaheim and Huntington Beach.

Orange County’s location on the Pacific Coast makes it the perfect place for a beach-themed trip. If you’re looking for a particularly SoCal beach experience, consider taking a trip to Laguna Beach and enjoying Heisler Park.

If you’re looking for cuisine in the OC, stop in at R & D Kitchen in Newport Beach or Nick’s Laguna Beach for a great food experience every time.


However you feel about these opposing Orange Counties, one thing is for sure: driving yourself around during your visit to either one is probably similar to a nightmare. All Transportation Network, headquartered in the Hudson River Valley, can make your visit to either Orange County easy and enjoyable.


photo credit: Eric C Bryan via photopin cc 




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Posted on Aug 21 2013

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