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Prepping for Business Travel Shouldn't Be Doomed by Your Commute

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airport limo serviceSo you have to catch a flight for a long-distance business trip first thing in the morning. You know what the traffic is like to the airport, so you grudgingly accept waking up well before the crack of dawn to give yourself enough time to get to the airport, park, get through the security gate and reach your plane on time. It leaves you grumpy, bleary-eyed, and disheveled. And that's not a good condition to be in when the trip involves an important meeting. No matter how well you try to cover things up with cups of coffee, your frustration and stress will come through, affecting conversations.

Now imagine that same trip to the airport without all of the above problems and discomforts. Instead, you can sleep in a bit more, wake up feeling refreshed and rested, get some reading and thinking done on the way to the airport, go through security timely, and catch a flight without worry. How? By not hassling with the driving yourself.

For example, you are flying out of HPN going to PBI. Car service to Westchester Airport can make a world of difference, not just in travel, but shaping a business traveler's entire day. How we wake up in the morning and get started can literally impact how we function and behavior for at least the first five hours of the work day. Only the lunch period has the ability to reshape the rest of the day as a person catches a moment to rest again and eat. Yet most business travelers are quick to place themselves in some of the worst preparatory situations possible getting to an airport, fighting and struggling with every car on the road as well as the clock. Just taking the element out of the picture with a professional airport limo service can make a huge difference in productivity the rest of the work day.

So if you're a frequent traveler and you dread every night before a trip because it's the ramp up to the rat chase the next morning, try a different path. By booking car service to Westchester Airport, your entire trip can take on a new, positive tone. And that can make a huge difference if your meeting in another city or town involves a potential sale or a big deal transaction. After all that preparation getting ready for the meeting, it makes no sense to foul up the effort with a poor start!

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Posted on Feb 25 2014

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