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Reserve Car Service to Newark or Drive Yourself?

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newark airport limoNewark Airport limo service is a hot topic these days. Recently vacation travelers have chose to drive themselves to Newark Airport, instead of reserving car service to Newark Airport. The most common misconception is that Newark is an "easy drive." Yes, there are several access points and the airport is not as hectic as JFK. However, if you choose the wrong one at the wrong time of day you may find yourself on the flight after the one your scheduled for! Construction, events or accidents have a significant impact on the access roads to the airport. So if you’re not going to use here are a few tips:

Google maps has a feature with real time traffic based on the route you have chosen. Check this before departing for the airport. Listen to AM radio for live updates for accidents or congestion Don’t rely on your GPS! Look at a map for contingency plans. Your GPS may route you through the middle of Manhattan during rush hour. Having advance knowledge of the alternate routes can be the difference between success and missing your flight.

The easiest choice is to use Newark Airport limo service and leave the driving to the professional chauffeurs. When considering driving yourself VS car service to Newark Airport, be sure to include the daily parking, tolls, fuel, miles (which are even more important if your car is leased), and convenience. Starting your vacation stressed out from traffic and parking is never fun.

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Posted on Jul 23 2013

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