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Sometimes you strike gold when you least expect it. For shoppers, the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is the equivalent of a purchasing goldmine. Taking its name from its location, the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is just outside of New York City. Because of its location, the 220-store center is a major tourist attraction for tourists visiting the neighboring boroughs. Japanese tourists are at the top of the list of visitors traveling to the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, eager to save big money on major labels offered in their homeland at a considerably higher price. Originally spread through word-of-mouth, the volume of Japanese shoppers that frequent the outlet center has become such a great niche that the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets now advertise in Japanese publications. Since so many different nationalities visit and inhabit New York City, the outlet center employs a staff of interpreters to help with purchasing and measurement differences. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is considered, according to a Wikipedia article, as the “cash cow” of Orange County, accounting for a huge chunk of the County’s revenue. To put it simply, it is as much of a “must-see” as the Statue of Liberty for anyone interested in shopping in one of the best outlets in the world. Instead of overpaying on 5th Avenue, save your money and take a scenic trip outside the crowded streets for a nice convenient getaway. Explore the vast amount of outlet stores all beautifully organized amongst the amazing scenery.

All Trans has established trips set up from New York City, Mohunk and just about any other destination specifically for the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. With the holidays around the corner, start your shopping early and leave the worry of traffic and transportation to us. Call All Trans  now for prices and more information.

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Posted on Feb 09 2012

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