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Top 5 Best Corporate Travel Tips!

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Traveling again soon? Even a seasoned business traveler could pick up a new trick!

Here are some great Travel Tips brought to you by Executive Travel Magazine.

1. Almost home but can’t remember where you parked? Use your cell phone to take a picture of the area marker in the parking lot when you arrive. You have more important things to remember!

2. When printing or receiving travel documents, move them immediately into a colored, transparent envelope. It’s easy to grab on your way out the door, and easy to find in your bag. The envelope also becomes a handy place to store receipts.

3. Sometimes you cannot afford to have a flight cancelled or delayed, because you’ll miss a meeting. On those occasions, double-book airline tickets. In addition to the flight that’s your number one choice, purchase a fully refundable ticket for the same schedule, but on another airline or from another local airport.

4. Full-fare coach seats often come with an automatic upgrade. They’re slightly more expensive than last-minute low-fare coach seats, but they can be handy if your company has restrictions on flying first class.

5. Your company is too small for a corporate travel department, but too big to keep things straight when several of you travel together. Group travel sites to the rescue! Groopvine, a service from Groople.com, helps everyone in your party coordinate, without one person having to play the role of organizer.

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For a full list of tips go to http://www.executivetravelmagazine.com/articles/best-business-travel-tips

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Posted on Apr 13 2012

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