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Where to Find the Best Holiday Window Displays in NYC

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Window Shopping? Turn It Into a Night Out!

NYC Christmas Window DisplaysYou’ve seen it in movies, heard about it in songs, or maybe you’ve been to New York City and have done a little of it yourself. We’re talking about a stroll down Madison Avenue or Fifth Avenue in New York City and marveling at all the sights and displays in the windows of some of the most famous stores in the world. Window shopping at Christmas time could become a sort of night out adventure all by itself, as many of the stores on New York City’s biggest streets go all out with decorations, animatronics and lights for their window displays.

If you’re planning on a trip to New York City, and want to plan a great night, why not put your budget towards booking a chauffeured car, and make the window displays in Manhattan the center of your evening? You wouldn’t have to worry with fighting traffic in your own car or standing around trying to hail a cab. Your chauffeur would drop you off at the top of your chosen street and pick you up when you were finished marveling, ready to take you over to your next destination. If you aren’t sure which New York City window displays you should pencil into your itinerary, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite below.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is perhaps the one avenue in NYC that comes immediately to mind when you think of the elaborate and beautiful holiday window displays you’ve seen on television and in movies. No matter the year, Fifth Avenue always seems to outdo itself with the breathtaking level to which its store go to create their window masterpieces.

Some of the stores to be on the lookout for this year during your window shop rendezvous include Bergdorf Goodman, which begins at the corner of one of fashion’s most famous crossroads, 58th street and 5th. The store made an event of the unveiling of its 2013 window displays just over a week ago with its “Holidays on Ice Theme.”

Other great stores to look for during your stroll down fifth avenue include, of course, Saks Fifth Avenue and Henri Bendel.

Herald Square

Macy’s at Herald Square makes a huge event of the unveiling of their holiday windows each year, and this year is no different. Their displays are so elaborate, with each detail attended to with haste, that people from all over the city stop by to marvel at the work the Macy’s crew does each year. From building winter wonderlands to recreating some of our favorite Christmas moments, Macy’s is a window display you certainly can’t miss.

Madison Avenue

For those of you looking for something more modern and conceptual in your window displays this year, consider stopping by Barney’s on Madison Avenue, where their four windows have recently unveiled this year holiday window display. One window featured the futuristic “Floating City” which was said by some to remind them of a version of Manhattan.

Planning your perfect night out doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Book a chauffeured car to drive you around so you save time and stress on fighting traffic, and enjoy the amazing holiday window displays on some of the best avenues and streets in the city. It’s a fun, holiday-themed outing that won’t break the bank.

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Posted on Nov 25 2013

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