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Brewery Spotlight: Newburgh Brewing Company

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Are you a beer fan?  If you're in New York, you can't miss the opportunity to visit some of the best breweries in the country.  Find out why having a drink at the Newburgh Brewing Company should be on your bucket list.  


Microbreweries are popping up all over the US.  It can be hard to differentiate between high and low quality breweries.  Allow me to introduce you to one of the best breweries in our area.  


The Newburgh Brewing Company is more than just a place to grab a drink after a long day.  The integrity of their craft beer is reason enough to make a visit to their brewery.  If you're like me, you'll enjoy the fantastic pairings of beer and food.  Not sure how to pair?  Ask the staff or check out their interactive menu online.  Choose your beer and you'll see what pairs perfectly.  In addition, you can see the "beerology" of your brew.  The "beerology" includes the style, malt, hops, yeast, IBU, ABV, etc.  


The vibrant culture of the Newburgh Brewing Company allows even those who typically wouldn't frequent a bar partake in the fun and games.  Enjoy live music, comedy shows, games, and tasty food.  Who doesn't love trivia night?  Take the gang out to Newburgh Brewing Company; you won't be disappointed.




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Posted on Sep 16 2016

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