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Business Conventions: How to Maximize Your Fun and Future

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For some, they are tiresome... just another stop on the road warrior trail. For others, they are a welcome break from the office. It's the annual conference, convention or sales meeting. Whether you are a client or host, here are five tips to help you maximize the experience, enjoy the time away from home, and potentially boost your career trajectory:

1. Make the Business Convention a Mini Vacation

Companies often plan conferences at the beginning or end of the week. Take advantage of the timing by flying in over the weekend or staying a few extra days. Often you can negotiate the conference rate at the hotel for this bonus time. Your employer might even pick up the weekend night if your airfare is lowered by a Saturday night stay-over. 

2. Bring a Friend, Spouse, or the Kids

As long as your guest(s) understand that you will be working, it can be fun to bring along company. They can explore the resort or city while you attend meetings. Some conferences, especially those held at family-friendly resorts, encourage family participation.

3. Join in the Fun

Participate in the extra-curricular events. Conferences and conventions provide a great way to meet peers and impress your boss with your social and sports skills. Just remember: you have to be on your best behavior the entire time. It's still a business meeting, even if you are wearing a bathing suit! Go easy on the alcohol. "Open bar" doesn't mean drink to excess.

4. Dress for Success

Even though the atmosphere is relaxed, you're still at work. If you're at a resort, dress as if you are in the office on a business casual day. Colleagues and clients will notice your attire. If the agent includes a pool party, err on the conservative side... or you will be forever remembered as "that guy in the speedo!" 

5. Network, Network, Network

That's what conferences and business conventions are all about. Try to arrange work back at the home office soy ou are not on the phone every minute. Take advantage of breaks and meals to spend time with other attendees. It's a great opportunity to troubleshoot problems and brainstorm new ideas with colleagues.

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Posted on Jun 22 2017

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