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Business Travel Tip # 5 - Airport Privacy Havens for Long Layovers

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business travelIf you've ever traveled on a connecting flight, you know how painful a long layover can be. There's only so many times you can read your friend's Twitter updates before you start to lose your mind. As a frequent flyer myself, I'm always looking for ways to travel more efficiently. I am really big on multi-tasking but I'm never very productive at the airport. Airports are often loud, busy and distracting places and can be difficult to get work done. Here are some of my favorite havens for airports I often connect in:

Detroit, MI (DTW)

Judy from Atlanta, GA 
Frequent flyer Judy says that Detroit Metro has one of the most amazing tunnels between terminals that she’s ever seen. She likens the McNamara Terminal tunnel, which serves Delta and Northwest and connects Concourse A with concourses B and C, to watching the Northern Lights. Neon strobe lights change to soothing music. It’s an “out-of-body experience” walking through or sitting and meditating in the tunnel.

Michael from Austin, TX 
My Airport Haven is located in the Detroit Metro (DTW) Airport in Concourse B of McNamara Terminal, between gates B-11 and B-7; it's called Thee Irish Pub. There is an area inside the pub with small tables and multiple power outlets. The terminal has Wi-fi, so people can accomplish actual work here while having a pint and eating some fabulous pub food. The food is great, atmosphere quiet and clean, and the wait staff is more than accommodating.

Houston, TX (IAH)

Tracie from Tomball, TX 
In Houston (IAH), the walkway between terminals C & D on the opposite side of the moving sidewalk offers a peaceful place to sit. Not many people walk on that side of the hallway and no one ever congregates there. Whether you wish to make a private call, work on secure documents or simply have a spot to yourself, I would suggest taking a few minutes here.

New York, NY (LGA)

Vineet from New York, NY 
LaGuardia Airport's Marine Air Terminal, home of the Delta Shuttle, is one big Airport Haven. Not only does it have complimentary newspapers and magazines, but in the morning there are stands with free coffee and juices. For productivity, there is terminal-wide Wi-Fi and even an array of Airport cubicles with power outlets and Ethernet ports where you can work in private. 

Valerie from Dobbs Ferry, NY 
Valerie recommends the Jet Blue gates at LaGuardia's central terminal building because of the personal TV stations.

Philadelphia, PA (PHL)

Kaitlin from New York, NY 
The Philadelphia Airport’s concourse between Terminals B and C not only has shops, a food court and occasional live entertainment, but it also has a series of rocking chairs. It’s not exactly the quietest location in the airport but it’s a nice spot to relax and people-watch

Washington, DC (DCA)

Laura from Fort Belvoir, VA 
At Reagan National in Washington D.C., Laura finds the main terminal area to be very relaxing. The Starbucks coffee shop is her favorite place to tuck away and enjoy this hustle and bustle atmosphere of people trying to get someplace and fast.


We know that booking a quick getaway with your global limousine company is not always practical. There are more than 50 other Airport Privacy Havens listed on this website for you to enjoy. Be sure to check them out when you're stuck on your long layover during your next business travel trip.

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Posted on Feb 21 2014

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