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Convenience and Care With a Corporate Limo Service

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When you see someone being dropped off at the airport in a black car, what is the first thing that comes to mind? “That individual must definitely be some kind of high profile business person or a movie star”.  The truth is that booking a corporate limo service isn't something that is out of reach. In fact, most of the time it is actually cheaper than using a ride-sharing service of similar caliber. The big downside with ride-sharing is that even if you book the highest level car, you don't always get the same level of service. You might get a Mercedes one day and the next day you get a Toyota. Ride-sharing drivers are never trained and can show up in shorts and a T-shirt if they want to. You will never have to worry about those inconsistencies when booking with a corporate limo service. 

Corporate Limo Service

The popularity of luxury corporate transportation continues to grow every day because customers know that they can count on the service they receive. Many companies choose to book with a professional car service because they know that their employees will be provided with a comfortable and safe ride every time they travel. Beyond that, a car service guarantees convenience and satisfaction for the passengers and company alike. Businesses can be proud when their employees show up to a meeting or event in a corporate style vehicle because it represents their brand in a very positive way.  

corporate limo serviceLimousines can be made up of all different types of vehicles. The fleet at All Transportation Network consists of executive style sedans, SUV's, transit vans, mini coaches, and full sized motor coaches. By having such a diverse fleet, our company is able to accommodate any type of corporate transportation that you require. Don't worry yourself with the logistics of setting up company events, our team of meeting and event planners are highly experienced when it comes to organizing group transportation and will ensure that your gathering goes off without a hitch. 

When you find the perfect car service you will realize that they always seem to think one step ahead. For instance, a high quality company will always track your inbound flight to ensure that they are on location when you arrive. Often times flights going from West to East end up being very early due to the wind. If your car service is reliable, they will now about this factor and make sure to leave their base early so that they are on time for you. Another important thing that a great corporate limo service does is train it's driver's on the best routes to take at certain times of the day. In the metro New York City area, you could get stuck in an extra hour of traffic if your driver is not trained properly, like when you are taking an Uber. Don't let yourself get caught get in this type of uncomfortable situation. 





All Transportation Network

Next time you are creating your corporate transportation schedule, make sure to choose All Transportation Network as your strategic partner. Our company has been catering to corporate clientele for 30 years and we are proud that they continue to come back year and year again. Come experience the best in high quality chauffeured transportation.  

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Posted on May 07 2018

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