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Corporate Car Services Ease The Strain on Executives

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Any business person knows that being in the office is always preferable to being on the road. The harsh reality is that sometimes we have to travel to meet a VIP client or put the finishing touches on a big deal. When making the dreaded trip from the office to JFK, you hit traffic and end up being stuck in no mans land for longer than you could have ever imagined. Now tell me, if you are sitting in rush hour during the winter would you rather be in a smelly taxi with a non functioning heater or a comfortable sedan? I think your answer would probably be the same as mine. Entrepreneur magazine rated "getting around" as the fifth most stressful aspect of business travel. All Transportation Network is here to help. Our executive car service is specifically tailored to business travelers, particularly busy executives. 

Our corporate car service includes the following highlights:pexels-photo.jpg

A comfortable Chrysler 300 sedan Rich Black Leather Interior Relaxing Ride With a Knowledgeable Chauffeur A Driver That Arrives 15 Minutes Early Flight Tracking Chilled Bottles of Water For Each Trip 


 Our vehicles are not only comfortable, they are also perfectly suited for winter travel. Traveling in an area that gets even the smallest amount of snow can be a nightmare in a traditional vehicle. With our Chrysler 300 Sedans you will never have to worry. This vehicle derives power from all of its wheels as they act independantly of each other. This type of torque maintains traction on the road in even the wettest of conditions. Our sedans even climb up the steep hill that leads to the Mohonk Mountain House on days where it is covered in snow!

With all of the information I have provided about our corporate car services, will you be choosing the stinky taxi for your next rush hour trip to the airport? Skip the frustration and arrive relaxed by choosing All Transportation Network for your business travel needs. After all, you don't want to be stressed out before your even arrive at the TSA checkpoint! We all know how that goes, but that is a different topic.

For now, thank you for reading and we hope to see you on a trip very soon!




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Posted on Feb 02 2017

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