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corporate car services corporate limo service

The Dilemma 

Corporations send their road warriors out to travel the world every single day. I have met so many information technology consultants who would fly in on Sunday and leave again on Thursday. They would do this every week for months until the project was done! I guess they got acclimated to it after awhile and it ceased to bother them. The point is, most companies do not want to get a rental car for their employees because of the added liability of someone possibly getting into an accident. The problem is that their travelers still need a reliable way of getting around while they are on location. That is where All Transportation Network comes in. 

The Experience

Our corporate limo service has a fleet of vehicles that would impress even the most experienced tycoon: 


Chrysler 300 Sedans which can accommodate up to 2 passengers Ford Expedition SUVs which can accommodate up to 5 passengers  Ford Transit Sprinters which can accommodate 10 or 14 passengers  Mercedes Sprinters which can accommodate up to 14 passengers  Executive Mini Coaches which can accommodate 26 or 31 passengers  Motor Coaches which can accommodate either 49 or 55 passengers


 corporate car services corporate limo service


Next time you or one of your employees needs to travel, think of using our corporate car services. All Transportation Network is reliable, friendly, and we have top of the line customer service. Every time you call you will be answered by a smiling human being instead of a pre recorded message.

Our vehicles are extremely attractive compared to any other corporate limo service that you may have encountered in the past. 

Contact us today to book your company's corporate travel. 


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Posted on Mar 01 2017

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