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Corporate Limo Service For Employee Travel

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Corporate Limo Service

When companies are considering transportation options for their employees, they should take into consideration the quality of the transportation along with cost. 

Business people are often under a lot of stress when they travel and should be provided with quality transportation that suits their needs. 

Corporate Car Service

It may seem enticing to go with the most cost effective option when choosing the ground transportation for your company. Remember though that the quality of the transportation should also be taken into account. 

Of course you could call an Uber or a Lyft for your employees because they are really cheap but in reality, their is a reason why they are so cheap.Rideshare operators do not carry the correct commercial insurance that is required for transporting passengers. In fact, most of the Uber and Lyft drivers do not carry any form of commercial insurance. Rideshare companies only require their drivers to have personal insurance on their vehicles, which means that you are not covered in any way if they get in an accident. 

 Lyft and Uber drivers do not have to go through any type of screening process before they are hired. They simply sign up on their app, input their information, upload a photo of their insurance, and then they are a driver. Professional chauffeurs go through a very rigorous process before they are put on the road. They have to submit their work history, driving abstract, get their fingerprints taken, go through a background check, and go through a rigorous training program before they are allowed to drive their clients. 

All Transportation Network

All Transportation Network is a professional company that employs chauffeurs who are trained at the highest levels of defensive driving and customer service. 

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Posted on Nov 21 2017

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