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corporate car service corporate limo service

Is that a Celebrity?

I am sure that you have been to the airport and seen the black cars sitting outside of the terminal and thought, "I wonder which celebrity is traveling today?" Before I started in the industry I used to think the same thing but our service is so friendly to the average business person that they can travel with us without breaking the bank. 

Our service is so reliable that we deal with some of the largest corporate giants in the industry! They entrust us with their employees' transportation because they know that we will get them there on time, every time. We schedule our drivers to arrive 15 minutes early for each pickup. Our motto is, "If we aren't early, we're late". 

Why Choose Us:

We know that our corporate clients are all on important missions no matter what size their company is. Generally speaking, most people traveling for business are under much greater stress than those who are traveling for leisure. They have to think about hotels, presentations, sealing the deal, and ultimately their jobs! We will take the stress out of your travel by ensuring that you have the most reliable, peaceful, and seamless transfer possible. We will always track your flight so that if your schedule changes, we can make sure we are there when you need us. All Transportation knows that your time is precious and that being late could mean the difference between and profit and loss. 

corporate car service corporate limo service

Visit Us Today 

Come along with us and experience the most accomplished, polished, and luxurious corporate transportation service offered in the industry. 

Visit our website by clicking below or give us a call at (845)-565-2306. 

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you in one of our vehicles very soon!


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Posted on Apr 17 2017

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