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Corporate Limo Service: Make Your Business Trip More Enjoyable

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Travel Headaches

Traveling to a new city or country almost always requires a fair amount of planning. Even frequent travelers claim that it can very time consuming to iron out their transportation details when they have so many other things to think about.

However, there are ways to decrease that stress to a manageable level is to hire a corporate car service.

I have outlined a few of the reasons why you should consider reserve a service with a professional chauffeur for your next business trip:

Why You Should Book

1. Hiring a corporate limo service is very convenient. 

You will will be traveling in an elegant new model vehicle with your own private chauffeur. Since your driver is a professional, you will never have to worry about being lost and late to your appointments. 


2. It’s one of the safest ways to get things done in an unfamiliar city.  corporate car service corporate limo service

When you hire a corporate limo service, you’re investing in your safety. Your professional chauffeur will have vast experience navigating the area you will be traveling and will provide you with first class customer service. In addition, a professional service performs regular inspections on their vehicles to ensure that they are in prime mechanical condition for each ride. 


3. You will save a lot of time

Renting a car can be a hassle that no one ever enjoys. When you get off the plane you have to find the rental booth, deal with a haggling sales person who is trying to get you to buy things you don't need, and then you have to navigate in a city you don't know. All of that time is spent on things that do not matter instead of on work. On the other hand, when you chauffeur picks you up, you need not worry. He has will have you to your destination in a safe and smooth manner. You will even get to catch up on tasks that you couldn't accomplish on the plane. 

4. You will never have to worry about parking. corporate car service corporate limo service

We all know that parking in a downtown location can be just short of a nightmare. Take New York City for instance, cars literally have to be stacked on top of each other and even then sometimes you can't get a spot. Besides that, the parking fee is so high that most of the time it costs more than taking a car service. 


All Transportation Network

Traveling with a professional black car service can really make or break your trip. 

All Transportation Network provides you with the most experienced drivers, first-class customer service and a fleet of highly maintained vehicles. We value your safety, your time and your comfort. 

You can contact us 24/7at (845)-565-2306 to speak with someone about creating your next trip or setting up a corporate account. 



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Posted on Oct 31 2017

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