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Expectations Of Our Chauffeur Services - Right From Our Handbook

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chauffeur servicesOur clients expect the best service on every trip, in every city they travel to. Here are a few of the expectations our chauffeurs live up to, taken right from our chauffeur handbook:

The following is to provide you with an overview of what is expected from a chauffeur when transporting clients. These core competencies are the basis of our quality standards and define our service expectations:

Safety & Service Chauffeur on time for pickup Arrives at the pickup location 15 minutes before scheduled pickup time Chauffeur took appropriate route Planned route and alternatives Did not get lost Did not ask client for directions Did not rely on GPS for directions Chauffeur drives safely Follows all laws and defensive driving training Chauffeur drives smoothly Comfortable ride Gliding as opposed to hard/quick stops Transitions from a complete stop to operating speeds, and vise versa, without passenger noticing Smooth lane changes Chauffeur does not use electronics while transporting passengers No phone calls, texting or emailing Did not use GPS while driving Customer Service Vehicle is parked appropriately with the chauffeur waiting outside Parked with right rear passenger door facing direction passenger will approach from Chauffeur waiting outside vehicle, passenger side Chauffeur holding sign with passenger name iPad sign Client name spelled correctly Holding sign with two hands, in front of them self, at chest height Chauffeur opens and closes door at pickup and drop off locations And if needed, assists passenger in and out of vehicle chauffeur_1Chauffeur manages luggage at pickup and drop off locations Places luggage into the trunk after they open the door for passenger Manages luggage by either placing on curb, bringing inside building, onto luggage rack, etc. Chauffeur introduces them self Polite and friendly demeanor Genuine smile Chauffeur reconfirms passenger name and destination Before leaving pickup location Chauffeur asks route preference or confirms route to be taken Asks if passenger has a preferred route before leaving pickup location Or makes passenger aware of the route they plan on taking Chauffeur asks passenger about vehicle temperature and radio station Asks if temperature setting is okay Radio should be off when passenger enters the vehicle Chauffeur talks professionally, as needed Neutral topics Client initiates any and all conversation Chauffeur thanks passenger for choosing All Transportation Network

These are just a few of the expectations you will receive with our chauffeur services. We strive to always exceed our client's expectations so we invest significant resources into developing a team of chauffeurs who take pride in servicing our clients. Our chauffeurs understand that each client has individual needs and are well prepared to deliver exceptional service to each client.

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Posted on Jul 14 2015

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